But what I've learned in my newer 3 is 12" was probably overkill. So it depends what your going for. If you want the entire car to shake, a 12 on a sedan will do that. If you just want quality, an 8" will probably do great. (not to mention my old 12" + dedicated amp caused me a lot of battery issues, but maybe that was just me/old car) 3</b>. level 1. 2020 <b>Mazda</b> CX-5 NON-<b>Bose</b. The listed Ford models will give information about P2862 DTC. I have a Ford Focus 2013 and p2837 and p2862 popped up. Mechanic's Assistant: How often does the problem occur, and when did you last have the tires balanced? This is the second time in two weeks. I just had new tires put on in April after I got my snow tires taken off. Ford Focus owners have experienced multiple problems with the vehicle including jerking, vibration, and transmission malfunction. Here are some typical reported complaints. JERKING AND VIBRATING OF VEHICLE; CONTINUED COMPLAINTS THAT THE RPM NEEDLE WOULD RACE UP AND DOWN AND THE ENGINE WOULD REVVED BECAUSE THE ENGINE WAS.

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